Jason Provost, Founder of HATH CBD, interviews Emma Willis to discuss her experience with CBD and how CBD has helped her deal with stress and anxiety.

Emma Willis emerged onto the scene at the young age of 16 when she won her first modeling competition, "The British Elle Supermodel". From there, Emma elevated to super model status. She has appeared in runway fashion shows all over the world and has worked with huge companies like Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Victoria Secret.

Now Emma Willis has shifted her focus on business ventures that range from creating her own male/female fragrance lines to a body care line, CocoBaba, focused on helping new mothers with their skin and stretch marks.

Now more than ever we are all looking for that perfect elixir. As we enter our fifth week of self- quarantine, and all of the stress and uncertainty caused by CO-Vid19, there is so much that we have no control over. Just this morning it was confirmed that my daughters, Emilia and Francesca would not be returning back to school this year and would be continuing their education through online learning. So, in just a month our apartment has not only become a place where we live, eat our meals, relax and sleep, it has also become my daughters’ school, and my home gym and fitness studio. HOW DO YOU SPELL HELP!!! 

I have been in the fitness/wellness industry for over three decades. I had an interesting path to my ultimate passion. l started college thinking I wanted to be a doctor, and after two years of all of the prerequisites, I realized that being a doctor, wasn’t my life’s calling. The silver lining here was all of the knowledge I had learned about anatomy; nutrition and the mind body connection would later serve me very well. I then switched to pre-law, went to law school and practiced law for several years. Having grown up in a house where my dad had a makeshift gym in our basement exercise wasn’t new to me, but I didn’t really get the ‘fitness bug’ until I started studying twelve hours a day for the bar exam! Fitness was my reward at the end of the day, connecting mind and body and resetting and recalibrating my brain and body from the rigors of all that mindless studying. Suffice to say, I passed the bar on the first go around, was admitted to practice law in New York, and had discovered my real passion. Surprise, it wasn’t law, it was FITNESS, EXERCISE and everything related to those topics. A few short years into practicing law, I realized my true calling – my passion finally had a purpose. I have never looked back, It has been over three decades, 6 best – selling books, VHS, DVD’s and now, online content, thousands of articles, interviews and in that time, I have seen a myriad of trends come and go with respect to how to exercise, lose weight, supplementation, you name it. 

In the last decade, there has been a lot of noise surrounding the use of CBD – a hemp derived product, for everything from overall wellness, to helping reduce joint and muscle inflammation. Admittedly, I am a bit ‘old school’ and have been slow to hop on the CBD bandwagon, and have stayed on the sidelines observing and researching. Until I really started to extensive research, I associated use of CBD with gummies consumed by ‘Dead Heads’, and the ubiquitous lime green weed wagons all over downtown New York City! I am fifty – nine years old and move and exercise every day! I have to admit, there are those days – like today – that my body feels a little beat up. As a single father to ten – year old twin girls, who a ball of endless movement and energy, I don’t have time to ‘slow down’! I’m thinking – what if there is something out there that will reduce the inflammation and stress in my body and get me up and moving? Again, the Covid-19 global pandemic is causing us to rethink and strategize how we live our lives, and how best to deal with internal and external stress on a daily basis. Although I have been slow to embrace the tremendous benefits that a quality CBD product can provide to one’s overall daily wellness regimen, I am now a true BELIEVER!! 

So, now that I see and value the benefits to mind and body, of a good CBD product, here’s my advice of what to look for when deciding which product (s) to choose. Here I use my lawyer training. What’s the problem (issue) I am trying to address; is there a causal nexus here; is there a product that could help mitigate both the symptoms and the cause(s)?

Here are the things we know – stress, whether it be external (self – quarantine, small apartment, kids, partners, job, family), or internal (inflammation, muscle soreness, tiredness, mental stress) is incredibly debilitating and destructive. Stress will break down the strongest, healthiest body if not abated; cause sleepless nights; lack of focus and productivity; and lead you down a slippery slope of unhealthfulness and, possibly, disease. I can speak first – hand about the importance of dealing with, managing and ridding your body of stress of any kind. At 59, I (thank God) that I feel fitter – mind and body – than I did in my 20’s and 30’s! I have a greater respect for my mind and body, and make sure to nurture and fortify it at all times. I am proud to say that I am now a strong believer in and advocate for intelligent and healthful use of CBD products to reduce muscle and joint inflammation; help speed up muscle recovery; provide me energy and focus throughout the day; and last but not least, help me have more restful nights, so that if can nurture and restore my body so that I am ready to tackle whatever the morning and day presents. Extensive research has shown that ingredients like turmeric (curcumin) especially when combined with black pepper (piperine) are incredible anti-inflammatory products. Hemp has been clinically to help reduce pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. As I am writing this article, I have two Hemp/CBD 24-hour time released patches on my arms. I always find personal testimonials the ones that resonate most. I am currently working out with a virtual training partner who is 32 years old. We have each installed a Perfect Pullup bar in our apartments (hopefully the door won’t come down) and have a daily pull-up challenge. We are on day three, and at 8 am, I have just completed my 55th pull-up (day #1 100, day # 2 120). Awaking this morning, there was no way I could’ve done all of those pull-ups without being ‘patched’. 

In closing, I would strongly advise and advocate the intelligent use of a good CBD product, not just for aiding in your exercise stamina and recovery, , but also helping reduce your daily stress., help address and mitigate the ill- effects of stress, both internally and externally throughout the day. When I take them daily, I feel better, have less muscle aches and inflammation, move better, have better mental clarity, and at the end of the day, sleep more soundly. I am a better athlete, more focused trainer, calmer dad, and overall happier person when I take CBD products!! 

As a single dad to 10 – year old 5th grade girls, an entrepreneur and small business owner, there’s no time for downtime!! 

So, when I have less inflammation, I am better able to focus on the things I need to do throughout the day! I can’t forget about the benefits of a good night sleep! These days, with all that’s going on in the world, and at home, I will get into bed and process all the day’s events, which isn’t the most conducive for a good night’s sleep. I often rely on the natural goodness and benefits of melatonin and have found, when mixed with hemp/cbd, it is even more effective. Better sleep, sharper brain in the morning!

The term recovery has been thrown around a lot in the fitness and wellness industry, but what does recovery mean? 

Often people will associate the word recovery with injury - which is true, but to me, the word recovery very simply means the ability to repeat the same task day in and day out - optimally. 

Let me simplify this even more. If you work a late night or have a particularly stressful workday, you must be able to recover to optimally perform your job the following day.  People relate recovery as bouncing back from strenuous activity, but the reality is everyone needs to recover from daily tasks. 

My favorite recovery modality will not cost you a dime: sleep! A large portion of the population struggles to get a sufficient amount of rest. “How much rest are you getting?” is literally the first question I ask clients when I screen them.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete, working a 9-5 desk job, a parent up into the early morning hours with a newborn, we all have stressors in our daily lives, and everyone needs rest to recover. It is our job to become as efficient as possible with our rest and relaxation. This will help to lessen some of the stressors we place on our bodies.

Recovery modalities you should consider exploring are infrared saunas, cold baths, massages, cryotherapy, meditation and specific forms of yoga to name a few. One thing that has helped me considerably is taking a few minutes a day to focus on my breathing and clear my mind. I don’t do this as often as I’d like, but I’m always surprised to see how something that seems so minimal can go such a long way. 

Recovery can also be addressed with nutrition and supplementation. These components are often overlooked. The Hath Better Night supplements have supported me in a good night’s rest, and Hath Better Days is great for days when I need extra help to focus.

My challenge to you is this- reflect on your sleep quality and come up with a few ideas on how to improve. Then give me a minimum of five to ten minutes a day where you can put everything aside in order to breathe and relax. Finally, take a look at your nutrition, hydration, and how you supplement your diet. What can you change today to make one small improvement in each of these areas? 

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