"I was skeptical at first... I went all-in on it and I had the most success with the Patch" - Wesley Bryan

Recovering from a torn labrum wasn't easy, but HATH Patch was with him every step of the way.

Check out our interview with Wes as he shares more about his CBD journey and how HATH Patch has been a major factor in his recovery.

Jason Provost, Founder of HATH CBD, interviews Peter Jacobsen and his journey with recovery and his experience with CBD.

I have been involved in golf my entire life. I started playing seriously when I was twelve years old. Played all around the country in my junior golf days, played at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and then various mini tours until I landed on the European Tour for over a year. During my mid twenties, many of my friends were leaving the LPGA Tour, for a more stable life in the teaching and coaching world.  I began my teaching career under my teacher and now mentor for over twenty years, who happens to always be ranked in the top three of teachers in the world, until I was ready to break away. I have done so and with much success, a lot in part because of the ancillary team of people around me that are the best of the best. That encompasses the fitness industry, bio –mechanists, Physical Therapists, mental and sports performance coaches, statisticians, 3D experts, and teachers that have paved the way for me who are in the top ten always and should forever be.

I play golf as well in Pro-Ams, in playing lessons, and with friends with NO pain.  Knock wood. Not ever, which could either mean I have blocked it out, or I simply don’t have pain. I am not as mobile as I should be in my hips or thoracic spine and work on those areas when I need to play in an important event.  I eat mainly clean, don’t drink a lot, do not smoke and workout about six days a week.  

My first introduction to any CBD product was through skin care, as I am always reading and watching what the world of beauty is doing, as I have had several bouts of skin cancer and am seriously into my skin.  Name a product or treatment and I have tried it or done it. As for golf, there are several companies that have made in roads but I never tried any samples. 

Fast forward to January 2020. I met several people that run HATH at the PGA Show because one of my buddies at the end of the day, coaxed me to go meet and see their product. He loved one in particular. The 24 hour patch was intriguing, not only were my feet killing me from wearing heels literally for over 12 hours, but it would be released into my system for 24 hours.  Sure I would try it. It was not a fair test, as I was beyond in pain and should never put my feet in that position for that long, since you are reading about a woman that is in sneakers, or golf shoes for the better part of the year. 

COVID-19 world, where everyone’s world is upside down, and the stress level is beyond normalcy.  As I get older, I cannot sleep through the night, my mind races and I do find the HATH sleeping pills help immensely. I sleep without waking up, without a million things I did not get done or have to finish, without the panic of the world changing for all of us and our children.  So yes HATHHelps me sleep. And sleep well, and that is a blessing.  

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