My name is Dr. Jena Gatses PT, DPT, LMT, SFMA, CSCS, based in Los Angeles, CA. I am a physical therapist and strength coach to some of the biggest names in Hollywood and professional sports, including actor, Mark Wahlberg and NFL star, Saquon Barkley. I strive to inspire others to want to live to a higher standard in order to shift the way they view their health, and tap into potential they never knew existed.

Before moving to California, I lived in North Carolina where I was the first female head coach and physical therapist to six NASCAR teams and three motocross riders, with several victorious championships under my belt. Initially, I was brought into NASCAR to deal with current injuries and implement therapies and workout programs to prevent future injuries, enhance performance, and allow athletes to live a better quality of life after their athletic career. NASCAR has one of the longest seasons in professional sports and I was with my athletes every step of the way. I traveled to different states for races almost every weekend of the year, controlling as many variables as possible to create an unstoppable athlete in a sport where every tenth of a second counts. 

Since leaving NASCAR, I moved my practice to LA to implement my methods amongst a larger, and even more elite set of clients. I work with patients with pain, those who want to operate at peak performance, and those who want to maintain their health, skills, and abilities for as long as they possibly can. Instead of prioritizing superficial bullshit, I create a deeper understanding of what is important in life and what things can be done to prevent biomechanical movement and functional degradation. 

I have developed effective therapy and performance protocols by combining years of education and experiences as an exercise scientist and coach to help people overcome injury, reduce/prevent pain, and enhance lives through understanding and implementation. It is important to me to constantly pursue education and innovation to keep my protocols up to date with current science, research, and clinical experience. I am very passionate about what I do, I care about each and every one of my patients, and I try to deliver the highest quality of care by establishing trust and prescribing life-changing activities. 

In an age of chronic illness, obesity, and addiction, it is important to implement preventative mechanisms into daily routines to enhance the immune system, physical body, and ultimately help patients take their health into their own hands; not to helplessly sit around and wait for injuries to occur but to teach about the human body to create a better understanding and overall lifestyle. By analyzing a patient’s movement and lifestyle habits, I gather information specific to each patient to customize each session and deliver exercises, products, and knowledge necessary to ensure quick recovery and a better understanding of the root of the problem. Because I cannot be with my patients 100% of the time it is important to implement habits that support a healthy lifestyle vs cause pain and regression. These habits help patients become autonomous with their health and maintain their progress for a longer period of time! I am also an advocate of informing and educating my patients about products they can use at home so they don't always need me. Over the years, I have found quality products that help my people help themselves. When I find a product that is shown to help contribute to a healthier mindset and lifestyle, I reach out to the owner of the company, introduce myself, and create a relationship to have easy access to products that I trust . Some of these companies include CEP Compression, HATH, Perform Better, and Massage Blocks; with owners and employees who care about people and whose motives are to deliver a quality product to help people be better. Every variable counts when trying to develop an educated, pain free, unstoppable human being! Knowledge is power, so make sure you educate yourself! 😉 

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