April 17, 2020
Don Saladino

What is Recovery?

The term recovery has been thrown around a lot in the fitness and wellness industry, but what does recovery mean? 

Often people will associate the word recovery with injury - which is true, but to me, the word recovery very simply means the ability to repeat the same task day in and day out - optimally. 

Let me simplify this even more. If you work a late night or have a particularly stressful workday, you must be able to recover to optimally perform your job the following day.  People relate recovery as bouncing back from strenuous activity, but the reality is everyone needs to recover from daily tasks. 

My favorite recovery modality will not cost you a dime: sleep! A large portion of the population struggles to get a sufficient amount of rest. “How much rest are you getting?” is literally the first question I ask clients when I screen them.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete, working a 9-5 desk job, a parent up into the early morning hours with a newborn, we all have stressors in our daily lives, and everyone needs rest to recover. It is our job to become as efficient as possible with our rest and relaxation. This will help to lessen some of the stressors we place on our bodies.

Recovery modalities you should consider exploring are infrared saunas, cold baths, massages, cryotherapy, meditation and specific forms of yoga to name a few. One thing that has helped me considerably is taking a few minutes a day to focus on my breathing and clear my mind. I don’t do this as often as I’d like, but I’m always surprised to see how something that seems so minimal can go such a long way. 

Recovery can also be addressed with nutrition and supplementation. These components are often overlooked. The Hath Better Night supplements have supported me in a good night’s rest, and Hath Better Days is great for days when I need extra help to focus.

My challenge to you is this- reflect on your sleep quality and come up with a few ideas on how to improve. Then give me a minimum of five to ten minutes a day where you can put everything aside in order to breathe and relax. Finally, take a look at your nutrition, hydration, and how you supplement your diet. What can you change today to make one small improvement in each of these areas? 

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Don Saladino

Don Saladino is an in-demand and respected trainer in the fitness industry.  For over 20 years, he has coached actors, athletes, musicians, and titans of business function at their full potential.
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