AUTHOR: Dr. Jena Gatses
Why I Use HATH

My name is Dr. Jena Gatses PT, DPT, LMT, SFMA, CSCS, based in Los Angeles, CA. I am a physical therapist and strength coach to […]

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AUTHOR: David Kirsch
Benefits of CBD

Now more than ever we are all looking for that perfect elixir. As we enter our fifth week of self- quarantine, and all of the […]

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AUTHOR: Don Saladino
What is Recovery?

The term recovery has been thrown around a lot in the fitness and wellness industry, but what does recovery mean?  Often people will associate the […]

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AUTHOR: Debbie Doniger
How HATH Helps

I have been involved in golf my entire life. I started playing seriously when I was twelve years old. Played all around the country in […]

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